Custom Clearance I/E Service

When importing or exporting products in commerce, customs clearance is required by declaring the contents and amount of commodities to complete the customs clearance process. We excel in the complex import/export clearance procedure, which necessitates specific expertise in fields such as legal codes, and we specialize in handling formalities for our customers.

Customs commissioners from throughout India have given us clearance to clear customs. Our customs clearing specialists, led by qualified customs specialists, provide quick and efficient customs clearance in accordance with the Customs Business Act and Customs Law.

Kitting & Labeling

We provide logistical services with added value. It allows businesses to reduce finished goods inventory expenses by deferring product labelling and final assembly until client orders are received. This is a good supply chain approach for keeping inventories under control.

This is in response to companies' requests to hunt for and outsource their logistics needs. Among our value-added logistics services are:


At the point when you really wanted different things to be consolidated into another item, Precise Warehousing's kitting administrations are great. For various critical Canadian organizations, we have broad skill creating multi-packs, club packs, and limited time units, among different blends. You set aside cash by utilizing our distribution center kitting and get together administrations.

With more proficient and practical bundling, kitting can likewise prompt postal reserve funds. Maybe than putting separate items into a standard-sized box, you can diminish the size and additionally weight of your bundles by planning a custom box for well known units.


During the print stage, marking alterations are normal, requiring creative arrangements and an undeniable degree of adaptability. The marking groups at Precise Warehousing can deal with any piece of our clients' naming requests, paying little mind to scale or estimate. Coming up next are a portion of the upsides of using Precise for your naming necessities:

  • We don't have any base prerequisites, in contrast to our rivals. This empowers our clients to pay just for the amount they need at an insignificant expense.
  • For precision and quality affirmation, all naming positions are twofold checked. Our naming group pioneers sign onto both quality checks. We comprehend that labels are basic in passing on your image's message and character. This is the reason we spot a high worth on enlisting propelled, excited, and able individuals to join our groups.
  • Our versatile groups work in two movements to amplify huge volume requests while diminishing turnaround times. Our work arrangements assist organizations with taking care of movement spikes and meet somewhat late demands more expense adequately with adaptable business.